Online Dating Safety Guide

Members Beware! Please go through the following guide to make sure you have a safe and fun online dating experience

The world of online dating can be described as a roller coaster of a ride; it could go fine and dandy for some and could turn out to be the complete opposite for others. According to the relationship gurus at MatchTubeX, such negative experiences are a direct result of people overlooking quite a few tiny yet essential details.

MatchTubeX only provides a means to an end: To help you find your true love! It is not responsible for performing a background check on each and every individual who signs up to become a member of our community of more than 3.5 million individuals. Although we have implemented certain measures to protect our members, for the most part, your online and offline safety lies in your own hands.

This is why the relationship gurus at MatchTubeX have come with a set of tips and tricks to make sure you enjoy the best online dating experience with us.

Profile Creation

Personal Information and Credentials

Maintain Anonymity

Limit the information you display on your MatchTubeX dating profile. Only add the essential details (i.e. name, age, and the general area you live in). Refrain from stating any other information (i.e. home/work address, phone number etc.) for safety purposes.

Keep Your Credentials Private

Do not give your MatchTubeX account details to others, including friends and family members. MatchTubeX will not be responsible for any harm which comes through this. If malicious use of your account results causes personal or emotional harm to others, you may be subjected to legal action and penalized under the rules stated in our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Use an Unsearchable Picture

Do not use the same picture you have as your display picture on your social media accounts (i.e. Facebook, Instagram etc.) for your MatchTubeX profile. This will limit any potential stalking attempts which may result in other members getting to know your personal information.

Connecting with Members

Be vary of what and with whom you communicate

Rules of Communication

Think before you speak! Do not feel obliged to respond to any other member and take things slowly. Take your time before contacting them outside of MatchTubeX (i.e. through phone, email, social media etc.). Do not share your personal information (i.e. phone number, email address etc.) with other members through the chat option on the website.

Conduct Research

Take your time and learn as much as you can about other members before arranging a face-to-face meet up. Dig up any information you can before making such a commitment to make a well-informed decision. Google their name and use any government resources at your disposal to check their criminal record.

Be Extra Cautious of Overly Friendly Individuals

Do not fall for the sweet words of members who are full of praise and nothing else. Make sure you profusely communicate with them to get to know them better, and to judge whether they are genuine or fake profiles.

Meeting Up

Consider this!

Take the following precautions beforehand and during the course of the date:

  • Select a Public Place for the Date
  • Inform Your Close Ones (i.e. Who your are going with, where you are going, when should they expect you back etc.)
  • Always have Your Own Means of Transportation
  • Do Not Give Out Unnecessary Personal Information
  • Message or Make a Call During the Course of the Date to Keep Your Friends and Family Updated
Spotting Scammers

Report questionable behavior

Instantly report other members who exhibit one or more of the following behaviors (also refer to the Community Guidelines section of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy):

  • Are overly friendly and have nothing but praise for you
  • Constantly ask you for your personal information (i.e. phone number, address etc.)
  • Send you outbound links which lead to pornographic websites
  • Send you files which have malware
  • Offer you a job
  • Asking for money and financial help
  • Try to sell you products and services
More Information

There are a lot of authentic online resources which provide a detailed and in-depth look into how individuals attempt to scam unsuspecting victims through an online medium. We also request all our members to go through our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to make sure they are aware of what is considered acceptable behavior when using MatchTubeX.