Success Stories

1. Congratulations to Wilson and Nina from Victoria, British Colombia who are going to get married later this year

For Nina, meeting Wilson for the first time was the best thing that happened to her. It was at that very moment she knew she would be seeing a lot of him in the near future as they instantly clicked and grew fond of each other from the get-go. This is what Nina had to say about her surreal experience, “Dating was never my thing, possibly because of the tough work schedule I had; yes, I am a workaholic in case you are wondering! I was often set up on blind dates by my friends but none of them went well. I just didn’t like the fact that you just stopped seeing someone so abruptly; it just fell rude to me! But soon, I realized that this was just how things were. After being pressured by a close friend, I signed up on MatchTubeX to get myself out there. After a couple of unsuccessful dates, I almost gave up: I am thankful I did not because then, I wouldn’t have met Wilson. He messaged me and we talked about our interests and how life was treating us. We talked on and off for quite some time before actually deciding on going on a date to see each other in person. To be honest, I was very reluctant but decided to step out of my comfort zone for once; I am glad I did! It was a refreshing experience for me as he and I had a lot of stuff in common which made us connect with each other on a deeper level. The first date turned into more until finally, he proposed to me at the same restaurant in which we first met in person. That was one of the happiest moments of my life. I still can’t believe I am going to marry him!”.

2. Congratulations to Ben and Kristine from Louisville, Kentucky who got engaged

Love comes at times when you least expect it; Kristine shares how her Topsy-turvy journey led her to overcome her problems and find someone who loved her as she was. “Going through a divorce after 3 years of marriage gave birth to that sinking feeling in me. I was really depressed and had suicidal tendencies which had a lot of my close friends and family worried for my safety. My life was collapsing around me but I finally made peace with what had happened and decided to move on. I was enjoying my work but longed for the company of a partner. So, I decided to try my hand at online dating to find someone who could accept me as I was. After 2 unsuccessful attempts, I met Ben who himself had been divorced. We decided to meet each other for dinner where we shared a few much-needed laughs. He was a true gentleman and made sure his behavior did not make me uncomfortable. We continued to see and talk to each other whenever we had the time, sharing our experiences and helping each other get over our troubling experiences of the past. This was what we bonded over and helped bring us closer to one another. We decided to take things slow as we were hesitant to rush into another long-term relationship. But finally, we have decided to take the next step and get engaged. Here’s to a new beginning!”.

3. Congratulations to Ralph and Mary Ann from Great Heaton, Manchester. May you have a happily ever after

Having something in common with another person is what makes them more attractive. Mary Ann is one who firmly believes in this. Let’s see what she has to say; “The reason why most of the dates I have been on ended up being miserable was because we did not have in anything common between us. We did not share the same interests and perceptions and that was all a clear indication of our incompatibility in the long run. By signing up with MatchTubeX, the number of people I met who shared the same characteristics as me increased drastically. I actually began enjoying myself on dates as the guys I met seemed interested in what I had to say and were passionate about things I loved to do. During this time, I met Ralph, who was working in the fashion industry just like me. We decided to go out for coffee one fine evening and shared a meaningful word or two about the fashion world. The fact that we were able to discuss what we did in depth made me interested to know more about him. Every time we would go on a date, I would get to learn something new. As a result, I started to enjoy my work more than ever before. Meeting him had a positive impact on my life, enough for me to propose to him! We are closing in on our 6 month anniversary but for me, every day feels like the first day we met! I am thankful to God for bringing him into my life.”

4. Congratulations to Marshall and Wilma from Brisbane, Queensland

What started off as a friendship: Here is the story of Wilma and how she found Marshall. “I still recall the time I moved to Brisbane from Manchester and how I hated the change, but everything happens for a reason. Little did I know that I was destined to meet my soul mate during my time here. It had only been 3 months since I had been transferred to Brisbane for work. The nature of my business meant that I got to visit different cities for meetings. Permanently shifting here was a big change, but one which was a welcomed one. The main concern was that I did not know anyone in the city, apart from my office colleagues who I had the chance to meet on my previous visits. I decided to enter the dating world just so I could meet new people and make some friends. During this time, I met Marshall who was also in sales like me. His happy and casual demeanor made him very approachable which resulted in me having a good time with him. We continued to grab a bite to eat or would go out for drinks every now and then. These outings made us grow closer to one another. We missed each other when either of us had to go attend a meeting abroad. I eventually decided to move in with him, allowing us to share more time in each other’s company. Days turned into months and he finally proposed to me; that was the best day of my life!”